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The tissue which holds the teeth in the gum is called the periodontium so when dentists talk about periodontal treatment they mean treating gum disease. The gum nearest the teeth is called the gingiva and the tissue further down between the root(s) and the bone is called the periodontal membrane or ligament. Bacteria cause gum disease (you’re probably familiar with a pale-yellow biofilm that develops on your teeth, which we call plaque). Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is an inflammatory disease and if untreated it may eventually result in you losing some or all of your teeth. There is also gathering research which shows a link to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and other health problems.

In most cases, periodontitis is preventable. It is usually caused by poor dental hygiene together with an exaggerated response from your gum tissue to the infection.

At Kendrick View, as well as the dentists, we have a team of hygienists who help you to maintain your cleaning, keeping your mouth healthy. If your disease isn’t responding to normal treatment then we also have a specialist dentist, Dr Raman Bhardwaj BDS MFDS MClin Dent MPerio who is a periodontist.

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