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“I greatly appreciate your care, everything you have done for me”

Ritu, it is now eight months since you completed your work of art upon my four upper front teeth, and I can promise you that not a day has passed, since when I have not looked in the mirror and thanked you metaphorically for your accomplishment. I vividly remember reclining in your dental couch when you first held everything in place just so as to give me an idea of how I would look? You would not have been able to notice but I could feel tears of absolute joy welling up in my eyes when I saw just how the outcome would likely be. And when I first viewed the result of the finished procedure I just could not believe how wonderful my teeth looked, and every morning now still do. You have patiently performed wonders with my teeth over the years, highlighted by this superb latest procedure, and I do consider that I am extremely fortunately to be under your highly professional care.

I just wished you to know that I greatly appreciate your care, everything you have done for me, and it is always a pleasure to visit with you, and your Kendrick team.

“Fantastic from start to finish”

“I have been a patient at Kendrick View Dental Practice for over 3 years now and it has been 1 of the best decisions I could have made. It had been a number of years since I had been to a dentist, they weren’t my favourite place to be, and as such I had let a tooth injury go unchecked until it was too late. Through an emergency appointment I was fortunate to become a patient of Andrew’s and since that day the treatment and care I have received I believe is second to none. During the past 3 years I have undergone a major procedure to replace my front teeth and both the process and end result has been fantastic from start to finish. At every stage I was given the full information on what were the options and how each of those options would proceed and affect me so that in consultation with Andrew we could make the best decisions for me. The end result has been a fantastic recreation of my front teeth which look and feel identical to my original ones. The results are exemplary and with the skill of Andrew and the team, the procedure was both efficient and as pain free as possible. It is with the aftercare though that this practice really does shine, for someone who didn’t like the idea of going to the dentist it has now become a part of my routine and it is always a pleasure to go back for check-ups and to see the hygienist. At Kendrick View it is clear to me that the relationship with everyone is as critical to their ethos as the dental work itself. From arrival I have never felt anything other than a welcome member of the practice’s family and as a team they have become a pleasure to know. Additionally, my hygienist Katy is a tremendous and truly affable person, I enjoy our chats when I attend my appointments and she has the ability to make you feel both comfortable and at ease. She also takes the time to explain and show how I can take better care of my teeth and this is an integral part of ensuring I too do the best I can as well. Since first attending Kendrick View I cannot thank them all enough for the time, work and skill they have provided to me”

“The staff are very nice and friendly”

“It had been my intention to start going to the dentists again at the start of the year following a number of years of putting it off. My hand was forced at the end of January by an ice hockey stick to the mouth, causing a lot of blood and 3 of my front teeth to stick out at a funny (concerning) angle. I thought I would probably lose the teeth but following many visits and 3 root canals, my teeth are still original and pretty much look just as good as before. I think it’s testimony to Andrew, the team and the service I’ve received that I will be coming back for regular check-ups rather than running away and hiding!

The staff are very nice and friendly, you get a professional service and appointments have always been on time.”

“I am delighted with the result of his work”

“I arrived at Kendrick View during the early part of 2017, frightened at what might be ahead. My previous dentist had carried out six-monthly checks on my teeth but never saw any necessity to work on them, which concerned me as I could see potential issues and, on occasion, I was in pain. A change of dentist was required; a friend recommended Kendrick and I was referred to Andrew McDonnell. He set out a plan which involved a lot of work during the late spring/summer of last year, and during the appointments he was always patient and mindful of my nervousness. I am delighted with the result of his work as my teeth look great and I no longer suffer the instances of tooth pain I had in the past.”

“have always been impressed by their professionalism and quality of service”

“I have been a patient at Kendrick View Dental Practice for over 30 years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and quality of service. I would like to mention Dr Andrew McDonnell for all his advice and guidance given to me. I had to have two implants fitted and the procedure went very smoothly and I am incredibly pleased with the outcome. Also, I recently had problems with a clicking jaw and erosion of the temporomandibular joint. To alleviate my problems, Andrew suggested that I wear a guard at night to relieve the pressure on my jaw. This was subsequently made and at first, I could not get on with it and I felt very vulnerable when having to wear it. But through Andrew’s kind manner and persuasion, I persisted with it. I am so glad I did as I feel it was all worthwhile, and I now cannot do without it.

I would like to thank Andrew and his team for all their help and would not hesitate to recommend them to future patients.”

“this is a fantastic dentist and has changed my life”

“This is a fantastic dentist and has changed my life, I had a huge fear on the dentist and Andrew changed that in a way I didn’t know possible. I would recommend this to anybody’”

“A huge thank you to Mark Hargreaves”

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mark Hargreaves for the care and professional help I have received over many years.
He is a superb artist and without his knowledge and care I would probably be toothless at this time of life.

All the staff at the practice are consistently professional and caring.
It would be almost impossible to find the level of knowledge, professionalism and class anywhere else….. and I speak with a lot of people.

Val Hurt

“writing to express my heartfelt appreciation”

“Dear Mark

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding work which you have carried out during the past 24 months – and which has led to the successful resolution of my significant TMJ issue.

As you are aware, my jaw joint issues started way back in mid 2014 and resulted in a great deal of discomfort, sleep issues and stress. This then resulted in numerous visits to an Oral / Maxillofacial surgeon and invasive procedures to relieve pain. My surgeon concluded that the root cause of my issues were related to a very poor occlusal arrangement and he strongly recommended that the best way forward was occlusal rehabilitation by a dentist with particular expertise and experience in this type of difficult situation. At that point I wondered if I could be embarking on a difficult journey with an uncertain outcome.

It was recommended that I make contact with yourself and I can truly say in retrospect that it was a very good decision. The treatment plan which you outlined was comprehensive and crystal clear. You listened very carefully to my problems and concerns and always took the time to allay any doubts which I may have had. You set my expectations at the right level and you have always taken the time to carefully explain the next steps and rationale, which has always given me peace of mind. Your coordination with my Oral surgeon has also been helpful. Speaking as a layman, my strong sense is that your approach has been very methodical and careful and the quality of the work excellent. I also know that after each stage of work my condition improved and that was encouraging to see continuous improvement. Your support staff have been wonderful.

As we both know, my particular situation was a rather difficult problem from the outset but I am really delighted to tell you that nowadays my bite feels much more comfortable and that I have been without any jaw joint pain for circa 9 months – my significant issues seem a very distant memory now.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to others and would happily speak to prospective patients.

Many thanks and I wish you and your colleagues continued success !

Best Regards


“a calm, friendly and pain-free environment”

“I can’t thank Andrew and his team enough for a smile that looks exactly like the original.

After an accident 18 months ago, which involved a broken jaw and a lot of broken teeth, my normal dentist informed me we’d be losing a few.
So, I visited Kendrick View for a second opinion.

Except for one tooth, Andrew and his team managed to save the lot. I went from a mouth with not even one filling, to a mouth decorated with root canals, crowns and an implant – and you wouldn’t be able to spot the fakes.

Not only did Andrew offer me the best of the best dentistry solutions, but he offered me a calm, friendly and pain-free environment. He talked me through everything step by step and after 18 months of visits I couldn’t be happier – Andrew has given me back my toothy smile.”

“significantly more comfortable”

“Mark as you are aware, I originally presented at your practice with some significant structural and cosmetic problems to my lower and upper teeth. However since coming under your care, the condition and appearance of my teeth have been radically transformed, yielding a range of improvements I did not think were possible. In particular, the restorations you performed together with the equilibration work (a specialism for which I am aware you have internationally leading expertise), has resulted in my bite being notably stronger and my teeth and jaws significantly more comfortable than they were previously. This together with the ease by which I can now maintain a high standard of oral hygiene as well as the vast improvement to the appearance of my teeth, has also had a very positive impact on my confidence and I again wanted to thank you for everything you have done”

“wonderful service”

“I would like to thank Andrew and his team for the wonderful service I have received. As a very nervous patient I was delighted with the care and professionalism I received. Not only was the dentistry of very high quality but both Andrew and the dental nurses took the time to reassure me and to make sure I understood the procedures and the options available to me. I always felt the focus was on retaining my natural teeth and not on unnecessary treatment.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Kendrick View Dental Practice to my family and friends Many thanks


“added confidence”

I am pleased with the treatment and added confidence to myself.


“I feel totally confident now”

“I was treated by Dr Andrew McDonnell. Before treatment I had an extremely badly fitting lower denture which, on several occasions, had caused me acute embarrassment. I was advised that I could have a completely new denture or could have an implant placement procedure which would make the denture fit well. As I liked the look of my denture, I opted for the latter. This involved several appointments of varying lengths. In all of them Andrew explained what he was doing, why he was doing it and how it would affect me. His dental nurse, Clare, was extremely kind and friendly and they both made each appointment a pleasant experience.

Since the treatment I have experienced the joy of eating with friends and family, and going to meetings without the fear of my lower denture coming loose and embarrassing me. I feel totally confident now. Thank you!


“I have seen improvement with the pores in my Gums”

“Hi Ritu,

This is to thank you for treating my dental problems, providing me suitable consultation. I have seen improvement with the pores in my Gums with your treatment, though I now work in Helsinki, I came to UK on 13Jun 15 to keep up the Saturday Appointment with you. thanks again for your treatment and I will continue to keep up.


“My splint made by Ritu is a godsend. Best Investment I made!”


“The quality of care I have received has been excellent throughout”

“When my jaw ‘locked’ I was pleased to find that Dr Mark Hargreaves, my regular dentist, specialises in TMD. After an initial assessment he talked me through my options; we agreed that an appliance – very similar to a mouth guard – to be worn while I sleep would be the best course of action. Two years later and my bite has improved significantly. I still need to wear the appliance at night to prevent further pain or my jaw from ‘locking’, but the appliance manages the TMD exceedingly well.

The headaches I have suffered from since childhood have also significantly reduced since I started using the appliance!

The quality of care I have received from Dr Hargreaves has been excellent throughout and I would not hesitate to recommend Kendrick View Dental Practice.

Thank you once again,

S. Bridge”

“He was completely focused at providing a long term solution”

“I have just completed a case of restorative dentistry with Andrew McDonnell and wanted to say how much I valued his guidance and recommendations.
He dealt with the issues of my neglected dental health with patient centric, professionalism and competence. His manner was calm, confident and completely focused at providing a long term solution for my issues – assertive, predictive dentistry.

And I got stickers!

Virginia Lynch”

“Informative, careful, excellent professional dentists”

“I have been a client with the practice for some 10years since they were recommended to me by a neighbour. I have had 2 different dentists at the practice and both have been great. Informative, careful, excellent professional dentists. My current dentist Andrew is friendly, professional and takes extra care to ensure the result looks good and feels completely natural in my bite. I can now make much more effective use of my whole mouth in eating.

The hygienists really care about teeth and patients, the reception team all well trained, friendly and helpful. I just wish dentistry of this quality was available to everyone through the NHS itself.


“We cannot thank you enough for the caring”

“Dear Ritu,

I am writing to express my delight at the recent dental work you did for me. The crack on my front tooth was unsightly and was beginning to affect my confidence when talking to people.

The new crown is marvelous and given me back my confidence. This of course is only one example of the excellent work you have done over the years for me and my Ray. We cannot thank you enough for the caring and the quality of work.

Kind regards

“You are so perceptive, fun and do such an excellent job”

“Dear Ritu,

I have to say I never actually ‘enjoyed’ going to the dentist before coming to you. You are so perceptive, fun and do such an excellent job!


“Thank you for my beautiful new veneers”

“Miss Maini,

They cover horrible, small, yellow teeth and have transformed my smile in 2 weeks. A big thank you to Ritu for all her knowledge, skill, expert advice and patience along the way. I hope these new veneers last as long as the old ones – 22years!

Thank you”

“I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me.”

“Dear Mark

I can’t thank you enough for the difference that the bite appliance has made to my daily life. As you know prior to receiving the bite appliance I suffered for many years with frequent severe headaches and neck ache due to grinding my teeth during the night and because my top and lower jaw do not meet properly. Since having the appliance fitted in January this year I have noticed such a difference. I rarely get a headache now and if I do it is usually due to being dehydrated or tired and the neck pain has completely disappeared. I have also noticed that I rarely need to take pain killers now and this is such an improvement as my intake was quite high. If anyone had of said to me six months ago that a bit of plastic would have made such a difference I would never have believed them but it has and I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me.

Many thanks”

“This was the best filling I have ever had – and I have had many…”

“Dear Mark,

I have been meaning to write to you for several weeks to say a big thank you for doing such a great job on a tooth whose filling had fallen out. This was in May and just before I was due to go on holiday. I rang for an emergency appointment and was given one the next morning which was a great relief.

I know the cavity was large but you worked on it so carefully that I did not feel any pain. It took quite a long time but you very patiently filled the hole so that it is now perfect. I can’t feel where it was.

This was the best filling I have ever had – and I have had many. Thank you so much for your care and the skillful way you tackled my tooth.”

“Long may you continue!”


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your kindess during my last treatment.

Bio oil is the most wonderful thing & my face has improved.

Long may you continue!”

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