Digital Dentistry

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Delivering highly accurate and precise treatment results

At Kendrick View, we are proud to use the latest innovative digital technology to elevate your patient experience and ensure successful and predictable treatment outcomes.

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Intraoral Scanner

Our highly advanced intraoral scanner enables us to take an accurate look at areas of the mouth that are otherwise hard to reach. We can take colour images and scans, removing the need for messy impressions and providing the high quality essential for cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. Custom items including aligners and whitening trays are able to be created much more quickly, shortening treatment timescales.


OPG X-ray

We use innovative digital OPG X-rays to give a panoramic view of your whole mouth, enabling us to identify areas of concern quickly and easily. The superior digital quality of the images means even tiny imperfections can be spotted and treated, which may otherwise have been missed or become worse over time. OPG X-rays are quick, taking only around three minutes to complete, and results are immediate.


CT Scanner

Dental CT scans produce precise 3D images, used to aid advanced endodontic treatment, and ensure accurate dental implant planning and placement. The detail in the image reduces the risk of any errors occurring during treatment. The scan is minimally invasive and is completely safe, using a low dose of radiation. We also use the CT scan to give our patients a greater understanding of their treatment and the planning process.

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