Implant Denture Stabilisation

Implant Denture Stabilisation

By Andrew McDonnell

Denture wearing patients tell us that they hope implants will stop their dentures from moving around and feeling loose when they are chewing, speaking and smiling. In short they want their confidence to face everyday life back.

Denture fixatives do help hold upper dentures in place a little better but add little to a lower denture that is loose. What’s more very few people like using them. If any of this sounds familiar then Denture Implant Stabilisation may be what you are looking for.

The Lower Cost Dental Implant Solution

Stabilise Loose Dentures
If you have dentures that make chewing difficult or move around when you eat or smile we can probably help. It is entirely possible to use a small number of dental Implants (usually this is between 2 and 4) to stabilise your denture making it firm and comfortable in use. This can help to restore your confidence eating, speaking and smiling in public at a lower cost than full implant bridgework.

How Denture Stabilisation using dental Implants Works


Figure 1: Two dental implants with Locator attachments to stabilise a lower denture


This image shows a typical denture stabilisation on the lower jaw. 2 implants are used with Locator ® attachments that work in a similar way to press stud fasteners. These lock in to a second part that is fitted to the inside of the denture and can be adjusted for more or less retention. On the upper jaw we usually use 4 implants that are linked together.
Stabilisation of a problem denture with implants is best suited to full upper or lower dentures although modern techniques also allow us to look at improving partial dentures too.

For a bespoke consultation about your situation

Dental Implants are a complex subject and every person is different. As general dentists we are experienced in the full range of dental options and will be pleased to assess your situation and discuss the full range of choices that you have available to you. To find out more why not book a complimentary introductory consultation.

What our patients say…

“I was treated by Dr. Andrew McDonnell. Before treatment I had an extremely badly fitting lower denture which, on several occasions, had caused me acute embarrassment. I was advised that I could have a completely new denture or could have an implant placement procedure which would make the denture fit well. As I liked the look of my denture, I opted for the latter. This involved several appointments of varying lengths. In all of them Andrew explained what he was doing, why he was doing it and how it would affect me. His dental nurse, Clare, was extremely kind and friendly and they both made each appointment a pleasant experience. Since the treatment I have experienced the joy of eating with friends and family, and going to meetings without the fear of my lower denture coming loose and embarrassing me. I feel totally confident now. Thank you!”

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