Drill-less Dentistry (Air Abrasion)

Drill-less Dentistry (Air Abrasion)

By Andrew McDonnell

We are pleased to introduce Drill-less dentistry (Air Abrasion) into the practice, a new approach to preventative and minimally invasive dentistry.  It can be used to remove tooth decay and for a variety of other dental procedures.  Air Abrasion also known as “microabrasion, is an effective alternative to the standard dental drill. The new technique allows dentists to remove dental decay   from teeth without touching them.

How does it work?

During air abraision, an instrument that acts like a miniature sandblaster is used to spray away decay. A fine stream of particles is aimed towards the stained, decayed portion of the tooth. A variety of particles can be used, either silica, aluminium oxide or baking soda is propelled towards the tooth.

Compared to the conventional drilling method Air Abrasion generates no pressure, heat or vibration, and can reduce the need for anaesthesia especially if the cavity is shallow.  It also reduces the risk of fracture or chipping of the tooth.

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