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2018 Summer Newsletter


Congratulations to our receptionist Hannah Blay who celebrated her 25th anniversary here at Kendrick View on the 10th May 2018. Hannah joined us in 1993, after finishing school and college education, working on reception alongside Judith Chandler our practice manager. As well as reception, Hannah qualified as a dental nurse and has worked with all the dentists over the years including longer stints with Dr Barker, and most recently Dr McDonnell.

We would like to thank Hannah for her support throughout the years, she is a hardworking, loyal member of staff. Here’s to another 25 years!!


We are pleased to announce that we were awarded the BDA good practice again this year.

BDA Good Practice is a quality assurance programme that allows its members to communicate to patients an ongoing commitment to working to standards of good practice on professional and legal responsibilities.

  • Practice development and assessment against requirements
  • Recognition from the BDA that can be communicated to your patients
  • A framework for developing a patient centred service
  • Tools for growing a confident, professional and inspired team
  • Opportunities for business development
  • Assurances to increase chances of successful tendering

Well done to Judith Chandler for organising all the relevant paperwork and maintaining the practice to such a high standard for us to achieve the BDA good practice for another year.


You may have noticed the scaffolding outside the front of the building in recent weeks. We have had all the windows and door painted and as you can see a great job they have done. We’d like to thank you and appreciate your patience during these weeks as I know it has been disruptive with patients having to use the back door and the smell of paint whilst waiting for appointments.


We are now open on most Saturdays throughout the year between the hours of 9am and 1pm. The dentists that work a Saturday are Dr McDonnell, Dr Maini and Dr Bhogal. One or two of the hygienists will also be working and we have an endodontist Richard that works every other week.


As you may remember from our previous newsletter, Amy Perchard was due to run the half marathon in March. Unfortunelty the weather conditions prohibited this and it was cancelled causing such disappointment among the runners. Amy was still determined and waited a week, joining in with the sweatshop run the following Sunday. Being used to training in the cold, of course the weather took a drastic turn and we had one of the hottest days of the year! Despite the obstacles Amy completed the run in 2hrs 13minutes, a fantastic time! Not only did she complete one race but then went on to run the Southampton Half Marathon. Amy would like to thank all the patients that sponsored her, it was extremely generous so thank you!


  • Because birds lack teeth, many swallow stones or grits to aid in breaking up hard foods.
  • On average, women smile 62 times a day and men only eight times a day. Step it up, guys!
  • In the middle ages, people thought that a dog’s tooth boiled in wine made an excellent mouth rinse to prevent tooth decay. Tasty!
  • Prior to the 1850s, ‘toothpastes’ were usually powders and contained soap and chalk.
  • Different animals have different amounts of teeth; armadillos have 104, pigs have 44, and humans have 32.
  • Teeth start to form in the womb.
  • Humans spend 38.5 days of their lives brushing their teeth.
  • The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in their lifetime — enough to fill two swimming pools.
  • Mosquitos have twice as many teeth as humans.


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