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Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Open Evening

We recently held an open evening at Kendrick View. The main aim of this evening was to introduce the specialists and dental professionals we have working with us to other practices around the area.

We currently work alongside Dr Kash Ubhi and Dr Andrew McDonnell both Implantologists, Mr Omar Patel a periodontist, Dr Mehdi Madani - Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr Joe Joubert and Dr Richard Condon both Endodontists and Dr V Murugaraj an Oral Surgeon. Many of you may also remember Dr Mark Hargreaves who has a special interest in Occlusion/TMJ and a member of the BSOS (British Society of Occlusal Studies).

The evening saw all dentists give a 5-minute presentation about their role in the practice, giving the visiting dentists an opportunity to ask questions. Canapes and champagne gave everyone a chance to mingle and look around our practice.

Thank you to everyone that came, the evening was a great success and we hope to develop a closer working relationship with the dentists and their practices

New Staff

We would like to introduce our newest member of staff Trisha Noctor to the Kendrick View team. Trisha previously worked at the University Dental Practice and qualified as a dental nurse in January 2018. She will be working alongside Dr Nicola Henesy on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the remainder of the week she will be assisting the rest of the clinical staff. Trisha is a keen gym enthusiast and enjoys spending her weekends with friends and family.

Here is an excerpt from Burt Reynolds Obituary which was published recently: -

Reynolds found his run of success ending abruptly during the filming of a fight scene in 1984 when he was accidentally struck on the jaw with an iron chair. Reynolds developed temporomandibular joint disease, but the condition remained undiagnosed for almost a year.

His hearing, balance and speech were all affected, he suffered from migraine and sensitivity to light, and because he could not eat properly lost several stone. His weight loss, haggard appearance and slurred speech led to a flurry of rumours that he was suffering from cancer or Aids.

After consulting 13 dentists Reynolds’s disease was diagnosed and he spent the next three months having each of his teeth realigned.

Trauma can certainly be a cause of TMJ disease (we now call it TMD) and sadly many dentists find it difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. It is associated with chronic pain and is debilitating. More commonly it develops without an obvious cause but there is a strong relationship with stress. Typically, it will affect females in their twenties, thirties and forties. What probably happened was that Burt’s jaw joints were damaged by the blow to his jaw. This causes swelling, damage to some of the delicate parts of the joint and all this affects how the teeth fit together (which dentist call ‘The Occlusion’) Sometimes after an event like this the joints and teeth will settle back down again but in this case the joints continued to be a problem. It’s likely the treatment Burt had is a procedure called Equilibration which involves incredibly precise, delicate reshaping of the teeth where they touch each other. We do sometimes carry out this procedure (several of our dentists are trained to do this) but more commonly we use bite appliances to allow the jaw to settle and heal. Only then will we consider whether Equilibration is appropriate. For more information please give us a call.

Gas Works

We would like to thank our patients for their patience regarding the gas works that are being carried out in front of the building. We are yet to hear a completion date but we hope not too much longer.

Although access is narrow you can still enter through to our car park.


We recently had a visit from our highly experienced and approved photographer Andrew Marshall. Changes in faces over the past few years meant time for some up to date material to be shot. We now have a new practice video that you can find on our website that includes footage of Dr Kiran Bhogal and Dr Kash Ubhi. We have also added a video under the hygiene tab that explains about the new Air Flow machine used by Nikki Snell. www.kendrickdental.co.uk/hygiene/

Please look at our website for all the new footage. www.kendrickdental.co.uk

Thank you to all our patients that allowed Andrew into the surgery during their appointments. This was very much appreciated. You are all stars!

Resus Training Course

Our yearly resus training course with the Royal Berkshire ambulance service took place on Friday 21st September. All Kendrick View staff are trained with the up to date procedures including, resus in adults, children and babies, anaphylaxis, defibrillation and choking. Thank you to Lucinda our trainer for a well-executed course.


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