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Summer 2016 Newsletter


In January we said goodbye to Dr Ritu Maini’s nurse Carole McGuiness. Carole has worked alongside Ritu for the last 4years and has worked as a dental nurse for over 20years. We will all miss Carole and wish her every happiness in her retirement. Recently becoming a grandma I’m sure she will be kept busy!!

Natasha, who has been a dental nurse at Kendrick View for 17 years and Chelsea, who has been with us for 5 years will now be working as Dr Ritu Maini’s dental nurses following Carole’s retirement.

Laura Dawson will be returning to work in May after maternity leave and will be working alongside Dr Hanif on a Monday, Thursday and Friday. Laura is looking forward to returning to work part time and still enjoying two days with her son Arlo.


In late February 2016, Mark made his annual trip to Chicago for the American Equilibration Society and Midwinter Dental Meetings. Every year he goes to hear some of the world’s top dental clinicians speaking. The A.E.S. is a specialised meeting for several hundred dentists who are particularly interested in occlusion (how your teeth meet and function) and TMD (a range of facial pain conditions, including headaches). Many of the great and good in dentistry are members and Mark has served on the Executive Council of the American Equilibration Society, the first ever Briton and only the second non-American to do so. It’s a great chance to catch up with friends from around the world.

Later in the week he goes to the Midwinter Meeting. The Midwinter Meeting has been run by the Chicago Dental Society for over 150 years and attracts upwards of thirty thousand dental professionals. Lectures cover the whole range of dentistry and many new products are launched there.

Four solid days of lectures with visits to trade stands in the breaks combine to make a very tiring trip but the quality of the lectures makes it worthwhile. We all feel it’s so important to keep up to date and abreast of the latest ideas and innovations in dentistry.


We are now open twice a month on a Saturday morning from 9am – 1pm.


Invite your friends and family for a FREE Introductory visit at Kendrick View and as a thank you, we’ll give you 10% off your next examination. You can pick up your referral card from your dentist or reception.

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As well as being one of the top practices in the county, Kendrick View dentists are also involved in teaching other dentists. As a large practice with multiple surgeries we are able to run hands-on courses, teaching dentists new skills. One such course was recently held over 3 weekends, the final being last month. We run them at weekends so as not to disrupt the normal operation of the practice.

The course, run by Mark Hargreaves for the British Society for Occlusal Studies with help from the International Partnership for the Study of Occlusion was to teach dentists about occlusion, TMD and equilibration skills. These are tricky subjects to understand and not at all well-covered in dental school. As well as organising, Mark was one of three instructors. Occlusion is about how your teeth move against each other, tooth wear, bites problems and what to do if things go wrong. TMD covers pain in the face, temples and jaws, other than toothache. Equilibration is minutely adjusting the teeth to create ideal contacts and function. One of the dentists taking part was our very own Andrew, who joins Ritu, Nicola, Afif and of course Mark in completing this course.

Andrew has started teaching on a 1-2-1 Implant training program at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield. He helps to teach dentists the skills in Implant dentistry to allow them to incorporate implants into their practice. Afif helps organise a study group for local dentists as well as passing on his knowledge of occlusion.

Our specialists, Kashmiri Ubhi and Raman Bhardwaj both teach their subjects to other dentists. Kash teaches about implants and restorative dentistry and Raman teaches about periodontal (gum) disease.

At Kendrick View we all believe in the value of education and are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge to the profession.


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