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Corporate Dentistry

Good employers realise that their employees are their most valuable asset and appreciate that their health and happiness is of great importance to ensure a good working environment.

In order to guarantee their wellbeing and at the same time allow a minimum time away from the office, it’s important that your staff have the best access to treatment should they require it – so that the problem is solved promptly and they can return to health, happiness and top performance as soon as possible.

Dental pain and other issues are some of the most common conditions we can encounter. It can affect any one of us and when a problem strikes unexpectedly, it’s important to get to a dentist right away. All too often in these circumstances we are left waiting days for an appointment, resulting in distracting pain, a far more complicated problem and most often, further days away from the office.

Kendrick View Dental Practice offers a free scheme to local businesses who can sign up to Priority Dental Care for their employees, whenever they require it. We guarantee that should any of your employees or visitors require an urgent dental appointment, during the working week, that there will be one available to them on the same day. All that we ask is that you phone us before 12 noon.
We are also happy to maintain their dental health on a regular basis as part of your company health care package and can arrange appointments at convenient times as well as offering online booking.

Please contact Judith Chandler, our practice manager, to discuss your individual company needs.

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